Losing Your Wings

This shoot was a play on Red Bulls ‘give you wings’ slogan. The can’s would be falling and spilling the contents like a full can of Red Bull would if you were to open it and drop it. I still wanted this shot to look as if it were shot in a studio and not include loads of background graphics. Not keen on backgrounds unless they compliment the product/model etc.

Although this looks spectacular it is actually simple to shoot. The Red Bull drink was a mixture of actual Red Bull and water. Adding the water was needed to dilute the expensive red bull but I lost the bubbles in this process. Ideally something like dry ginger would work and be cost effective.

Whilst shooting and editing I could not help but to think that this process would be a lot easier using a 3D model. Rendering the model in software such as 3Dmax would have been easier because I would not have had to bother with such lengthily editing. If I were to replicate the lighting onto the can in 3D, I could have then spun the cans and the lighting to achieve what I wanted in half the time…I think.

Not sure if this would have worked…need to start looking into CGI! I’ve been checking out Tomas Monka’s portfolio (www.monka.se). He is a still life photographer from Sweden and uses a mixture of CGI/composites and Photography. Exceptional imagery!

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