Test shots 15.10.12

This week I’ve been shooting some test shots for up coming projects. Got some great ideas for some more personal work. Keep an eye on the blog as i’ll post them all on here soon.


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Montana Black Spray

This project was treated like homage to Montana Black spray paints. As some of the world’s best sprays and used by top graffiti artists the world over I was looking to create an arty image using the cans in a product shoot. Combining the coloured effects and slick products we made art work with still life photography in mind.

The Montana black shoots were a bit epic. I’ve never worked with coloured sprays before so decided to composite the images. If I didn’t composite the shoot couldn’t work because the paint would just cover everything. This is both Messy and avoidable.

Editing took a while! Post process was detailed and time consuming. The sprays were shot separately and then combined with the cans. The cans were then combined to make the final image (as can be seen below).

Although we could have composed everything at once I’m not a fan of more than 10 layers at a time in Photoshop. I often find it distracting and complicated trying to keep up with the number of layers and adjustments. The images that need a lot of post production are often done in stages. This saves my time and my sanity.

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Losing Your Wings

This shoot was a play on Red Bulls ‘give you wings’ slogan. The can’s would be falling and spilling the contents like a full can of Red Bull would if you were to open it and drop it. I still wanted this shot to look as if it were shot in a studio and not include loads of background graphics. Not keen on backgrounds unless they compliment the product/model etc.

Although this looks spectacular it is actually simple to shoot. The Red Bull drink was a mixture of actual Red Bull and water. Adding the water was needed to dilute the expensive red bull but I lost the bubbles in this process. Ideally something like dry ginger would work and be cost effective.

Whilst shooting and editing I could not help but to think that this process would be a lot easier using a 3D model. Rendering the model in software such as 3Dmax would have been easier because I would not have had to bother with such lengthily editing. If I were to replicate the lighting onto the can in 3D, I could have then spun the cans and the lighting to achieve what I wanted in half the time…I think.

Not sure if this would have worked…need to start looking into CGI! I’ve been checking out Tomas Monka’s portfolio (www.monka.se). He is a still life photographer from Sweden and uses a mixture of CGI/composites and Photography. Exceptional imagery!

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Ice cream photography

I thought I’d take advantage of the current cold weather in the UK and shoot some real ice cream. Simply turning off the heating in the garage studio sent the temperature down to -4. This does not stop the ice cream from melting but slows down the process considerably. It took around 25min for the ice cream to become unusable.

Real ice cream looks very different to the fake stuff. Researching ideas for this shoot I realised I can never create the same effect often seen when replacing ice cream with frosting. The real option is messy and will not look as structured and ‘tidy’.

The back light is gelled with a warming gel and the rest of the lighting is flash from four Elinchrom heads.

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