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Window Shatter Series

Over the past two months I have been working on a Series of images based around sports balls crashing through Glass Panes.

I was wanting the speed of the balls passing through the pane to be a lot quicker than one would expect. Really exaggerating the speed of the ball passing leads to a ‘bullet like’ impact. To do this I had to comp it all together in post, couldn’t find anything to fire the balls through quickly enough. Would have expected to use some kind of high pressure cannon like device.

Even at 6/000 sec t 0.1 flash durations were struggling to freeze the speed of the cricket ball been thrown through the pane. You can expect the ball being fired through the pane by some kind of powered machine to be difficult to freeze. Anything but the latest packs at their lowest durations couldn’t do it.

Glass was purchased via an old greenhouse i bought off Ebay. Took the glass out, polished it and scrapped the rest.

Felt great throwing the balls through the glass. End up hesitating a lot. Feels wrong but aesthetically looks great when the image comes up on camera especially with the backlighting.

Lot of mess made during this shoot…smashed up the whole greenhouse. About 45 panes!


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